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My name is Derrick. I’m 31 years old, I live near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and I write about beer. I am a Cicerone® Program Certified Beer Server.

When I started this website in December 2010, I envisioned it to be a place where I would write about anything and everything that interested me — political rants, Formula One racing, interesting photographs, LOLcats, movies, records of music, beer… I quickly found out that beer was the most interesting thing (at least to me) that I wrote about, and it seemed that a few people enjoyed reading my reviews.

So I kept at it. I made my own review sheet, created a point rating scale. Some people have said what I do looks mighty official, but I assure you, it is not. I just made a scale to judge stuff by. I added photographs to my reviews. I started doing redux reviews and blind reviews, which I don’t do nearly enough of — but with so much stuff out there to try, it’s hard to re-review stuff, and the time commitment for a blind review is heavy. (As of August 2012, I have put blind reviewing on hiatus. Maybe that will return some day; they are very fun!)

I am not an “official beer taster” by any means. At the time of writing this, I have reviewed 472 beers — now, I’ve had a lot more than 472 different beers in my drinking career, but my palate is always developing and will always continue to develop. Surely you wouldn’t take my reviews as gospel, would you? Long story short: When it comes to my reviews, your mileage may vary. You might like something that I don’t, which is why you should try everything and ignore nothing.

Why is this website named All The Same Beer? Well, it used to be All The Same Song before I moved from tumblr. I adore Neil Young, the singer-songwriter who has influenced probably everything you’d ever listen to. I love his music but also have great appreciation for his attitude about life; he pretty much does and says what he wants, when he wants, with very little thought about what other people might think or say. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of life, in essence, to not give a damn about what everybody else thinks, so long as you aren’t doing anything to cause pain or agony? Seems about right to me.

So I’ve named this website after Mr. Young. “All the same beer” is a reference to something he said in regards to his canon of music. “It’s all the same song.”

After a while, it’s all the same beer.

Stay tuned!

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