Check Out My Home Brewery: Silver Fiddle Brewing


I haven’t written about my homebrewing endeavors on this website, other than alluding to it earlier this year when I announced you might see fewer reviews than normal around here (so far: no, I’ve kept to my Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat schedule, with the exception of one missed day). But, yes, I’ve been homebrewing; the name of my brewery is Silver Fiddle Brewing, and so far, we’ve brewed four different batches. The first two were IPAs and I’ve already had them on tap and have been sipping on them for a couple of weeks. The third batch was an Imperial Stout, and the fourth is a basic American Wheat — #3 and #4 are still fermenting but will be transferred to a keg soon.

I haven’t made a dedicated website for my brewery, yet; if you go to, it will redirect you to a Facebook page where I’m currently posting all updates. If you’d like to follow along, you are more than welcome.

Just a bit about what I’m doing: my system is all-grain, and I’m kegging instead of bottling. Right now, I can ferment two batches at a time, so my pipeline is basically about 3-4 weeks grain to glass. I’ve learned a ton from the first four batches and can’t wait to brew again in a couple of weeks.

Check out Silver Fiddle Brewing if you’re so inclined!




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