Beer Review 0506: NoDa Hop, Drop ‘n Roll IPA


New brewery on the site today, and one that’s located close to where I live — NoDa Brewing is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and began operation in October 2011. The brewery is named after its location, which is right in the NoDa (North Davidson) neighborhood. This section of town used to be home to a mill, but today is has been transformed into a place ripe with art galleries, music venues, restaurants, and yes, even a brewery.

NoDa brews on a 15 barrel brew house, and they recently began bottling and canning with a limited distribution. The brewery has a Pacific Northwest style; each Tuesday, they put a new beer on tap that is part of a series called NoDable, which they use for research and development.

The beer up for review is Hop, Drop ‘n Roll, an IPA that NoDa says is “where it all started” for them. It uses a blend of English and American malts with American hops that include Citra and Amarillo. Hops are added before, during, and after the boil; the beer hits 7.2% ABV (alcohol by volume) and 80 IBUs (International Bitterness Units).


Hop, Drop ‘n Roll pours a small, off-white, soapy head that has staying power. The beer is golden-orange in color, exactly what you would expect from an IPA. The body was clear, free of particles and sediment, and the lacing was very nice, leaving behind thick, bubbly, and puffy suds. It’s a gorgeous beer.

On the nose, the Citra hops are very apparent and are pungent. There’s lots of orange, lemon, and lime, along with tons of sweet tropical fruits, especially pineapple. It’s an amazing scent; sweet with hints of caramel and bready malt, yet still maintaining a punch of hot garlic and resin. It’s inviting and the only thing left is to take a sip…


…and yes, it’s as good as the nose indicates. Unassuming at first, there’s mild citrus — orange peel, some lemon, along with a dash of grapefruit. The drink is sweet for a brief moment before the bitterness starts and intensifies throughout the sip. We’ve got lighter fruits like pineapple and mango with a sharp edge of grapefruit peel — it nearly reminds me of rye in intensity — but this is all about the hops. The finish maintains a suggestion of light caramel but goes for the knockout with dry grapefruit and pine. Click your tongue to the roof of your mouth and it’s nearly medicinal. This brew is medium-bodied, with a medium, foamy mouthfeel.

Color me impressed with my first NoDa beer. This IPA is equal parts fruity as it is bitter, and I think it is one of the more impressive IPAs to come out of North Carolina. I recognize my state is often regarded as a bit weak when it comes to this style, but things are changing for the better in these parts, I assure you. I could see this being a mainstay in my fridge whenever the cans make their way to the Piedmont region.

NoDa Hop, Drop ‘n Roll IPA, 93 points. Price: $6.99 US for one 22 oz. bomber size bottle.



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3 responses to “Beer Review 0506: NoDa Hop, Drop ‘n Roll IPA”

  1. Marty Stevens says :

    I’ve had a lot of west coast beers, both style and from the west coast, and Hop Drop ‘n Roll is right there with the best of them. We did a comparison with a bottle of Pliny the Elder and the Hop Drop won out. There were 6 of us that did the tasting (blind) and were impressed with the hops, fruit and finish of the Hop Drop. I visit CLT about 6 times a year and get some every time. Now I can bring some home in cans. Next visit – New Years!! We’ve tasted Heddy Topper from Vermont and was impressed with their brew as well and tried the recommendation from Heddy to drink the beer right from the can. The hops stay right with it – delicious.

    • allthesamebeer says :

      Thanks for your comment! I was initially very surprised by how good this beer truly is. It rides the edge of bitter and sweetness expertly. I really hope they get cans up my way soon…the best part about the cans? They’re 16 ounces! Cheers.

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