Reviews Resume October 28 – Plans For Remainder of 2013


That’s all 500 rating sheets I used for every review on this website!

As is customary, I’m taking a bit of a break after this milestone review. I’ll return on Monday, October 28 with a week of pumpkin beers just in time for Halloween.

It’s become a tradition for me to do a review each day in the month of December. This year, I plan to do it just like I did last year — I’ll have a fresh review up from December 1-27; then, on December 28, I’ll begin my Top 25 Beers of 2013 list. I’ll announce five beers each day, ending with #1 on January 1.

I’ll also try to work a couple more redux reviews in; stay tuned later this week as I’ll have another poll where you can vote for the next beer.

Until next Monday, here’s five of my favorites from reviews 401-500:

Beer Review 0413: Alaskan Smoked Porter (2012)
Beer Review 0456: Olde Hickory Irish Walker Barleywine
Beer Review 0458: The Bruery Bois 5th Anniversary Old Ale
Beer Review 0485: Stone Farking Wheaton W0̷0̷tstout Imperial Stout
Beer Review 0489: New Glarus Thumbprint Wild Sour Ale



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