Beer Review 0445: Green Man Porter


Green Man Brewery is located in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded in 1997 as a brewpub, things changed in 2010 when new ownership took over. The brewpub was closed and Green Man began to focus on production brewing, with the original brewer John Stuart at the helm. This shift in focus allowed Green Man to begin distributing bottled beer at the beginning of the year (previously, all you could find were growlers in my area).

What exactly is a green man? It’s a sculpture, drawing, or other representation of a face made from leaves. It’s used as a decorative element in many cultures; the brewery decided to put its green man on every bottle crown, and it’s a very nice looking package.

Green Man’s Porter is an English-style brew, delivering 6% ABV (alcohol by volume) with a heavy malt body but yet a hoppy balance.


The pour spilled out beer with an average size, fizzy and quickly diminishing head. Color of the brew was ruby red (when held to light) and featured a clear body, no particles or sediment to be found. Lacing was sparse, leaving behind only a few dish soapy suds.

On the nose, this is a classic English-style Porter, featuring an even mix of powdery chocolate and coffee, with even deeper flavors of chicory and some woodsy smoke. That pretty much sums up the nose, which is nice in a classic sense, but basic in an overall picture — the aroma is robust, roasted, and toasted.


Tasting, and the initial flavors are that of powdery dark chocolate, mildly sweet coffee, and a gentle puff of smoke. A touch of sweet caramel brings the taste to the middle, and the finish turns the chocolate malt a bit darker, giving off bittersweet dark chocolate and a lasting burnt /coffee/sugar/smoke. Medium-bodied, this brew has a thin, creamy mouthfeel.

Green Man’s Porter displays nice, rich flavors that combine into a solid if unmemorable beer. If you’re a big fan of this style, I don’t think you can go wrong here. No frills, just drinkable beer that hits the expected notes true.

Green Man Porter, 86 points. Price: $1.49 US for one twelve ounce bottle.



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One response to “Beer Review 0445: Green Man Porter”

  1. paigeelizabethl says :

    I LOVE Green Man!! I don’t think I got a chance to try the porter when I visited Asheville, glad you enjoyed it.

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