Beer Review 0436: Coors Light Adjunct Lager


Editor’s note: Yes folks, do not adjust your sets. Today, we’ll be reviewing five different American adjunct lagers — while we normally focus on artisan beers, these beers deserve to be looked at, too. I’m not doing this as any sort of novelty — I’m actually reviewing the beers, so here’s an honest take at some of the beers that would normally get laughed at.

Coors Light, like all of the other mainstream light lagers of its kind, comes in at just 4.2% ABV (alcohol by volume). Introduced in 1978, this can uses a sales gimmick right on the front — there’s a logo that turns color when the beer is cold, and another logo that turns when the beer is ‘super’ cold.

The third most popular beer in the United States, Coors Light is a product of Molson Coors Brewing Company, the world’s seventh largest brewing company. In 2007, Coors also partnered with Miller to form MillerCoors — yeah, if you’re catching a trend here, these beers are kind of hard to trace back to who exactly makes them, thanks to the complicated arrangements and agreements these big mega-companies have going. Perhaps I should just stick to the beer…


This beer comes out of the can like all the others of its ilk — light pale straw yellow, extremely clear, with no particles or sediment. The head was small, soapy and puffy, but did have a little lasting power. Lacing didn’t exist.

The nose features sweet grain, a hint of orange peel, and a soapy character. That’s it. Clean, crisp, and not much else. And the orange peel might be a stretch.

The flavor kind of surprises, because there is more of it here than the aroma suggests. There’s sweet, cracker-like grains, a touch of wheat, and with an above average carbonation, Coors Light goes down extremely easy. The finish is super clean but does have lingering bursts of a hardy wheat. Light-bodied with a thin, gritty mouthfeel (thanks to the carbonation).

Flavored wheaty water called beer. That was my impression — The Silver Bullet of Non-Offensive Alcohol Delivery.

Oh, and that temperature indicating can? It doesn’t work.

Coors Light Adjunct Lager, 48 points. Price: $1.79 US for one 24 oz. can.



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