Beer Review 0434: Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Adjunct Lager


Editor’s note: Yes folks, do not adjust your sets. Today, we’ll be reviewing five different American adjunct lagers — while we normally focus on artisan beers, these beers deserve to be looked at, too. I’m not doing this as any sort of novelty — I’m actually reviewing the beers, so here’s an honest take at some of the beers that would normally get laughed at.

Anheuser-Busch is owned by the brewing giant ABInbev, a Belgian-Brazilian beverage company. They are the world’s largest brewer, with nearly 25% global market share, and hold 14 brands that generate over $1 billion US dollars of revenue each year.

Anheuser-Busch has 13 breweries in the United States; founded in 1852 in St. Louis, Missouri by Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch, A-B was the first brewery to use refrigerated trucks to transport beer, and the first brewer to use pasteurization to keep beer fresh. For a much more detailed history on Anheuser-Busch, I recommend you check out Wikipedia.

The Budweiser brand was introduced in 1876 — at 5% ABV (alcohol by volume), the beer is made with 30% rice, an adjunct ingredient, hops, and barley malt. It is the second best-selling beer in the United States; what is the first? None other than Budweiser Light, known as Bud Light. Created in 1982, Bud Light contains just 4.2% ABV and has 110 calories per 12 oz. serving.


Pouring from the can spills forth a small, fizzy head that quickly diminishes into a very thin skim over top the beer. The beer is light pale yellow in color, vividly clear and with lots of carbonation bubbles zooming to the surface. There are no particles or sediment, and lacing is sparse, leaving behind only a couple of soapy pods of thin suds.

The nose, if you want to call it that, features grain and straw, almost like fresh cut hay. There’s just a very small suggestion of orange peel, which you might classify in the hop category…I guess. That’s it. Yep, it’s beer.

And the taste: cheap grainy dried straw, which matches the color of the beer perfectly. It’s slightly bready and has a sweet kick to it that seems as if it could be artificial flavoring. The finish is clean and crisp, and immediately after the swallow, any trace of flavor disappears. Light-bodied, with a light, foamy mouthfeel.

Light and refreshing with absolutely zero flavor. And where there’s no flavor, there’s Bud.

Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Adjunct Lager, 49 points. Price: $1.79 US for one 24 oz. can.



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