Adjunct Lager Review Extravaganza Extra: The Blind Tasting

After reviewing five of the United States most popular Adjunct Lagers, there was but one thought in my head: I must taste these beers blind and see if I can identify them.

In case you missed some of the reviews from earlier today:

#434 Anheuser-Busch Bud Light, 49 points
#435 Miller Lite, 53 points
#436 Coors Light, 48 points
#437 Pabst Blue Ribbon, 62 points
#438 Michelob Ultra, 38 points

With the help of my girlfriend, six ounces of each beer was poured into a tulip glass, and were arranged in a random order. All the beer cans were covered with a brown bag to conceal their identities and placed behind each glass. Of course, I was in another room while this was going on, so I could see nothing. When I sampled the beers, I was allowed to use my tasting notes I had created earlier in the night while reviewing the beers. The setup looked like this:


I took about ten minutes tasting the beers, checking out their aroma and appearances, and wrote my guesses down as so:


And the big reveal:


100% CORRECT! The two I could easily pick out where PBR and Miller Lite, as these two seemed to have the most flavor. Pabst Blue Ribbon tasted the most like a craft beer, if that makes sense — it has somewhat of a real hop presence. Miller Lite has a bit more body than the remaining four, and a definite corn presence, so it was easy to pick out. Also, both PBR and Miller Lite are a touch darker than their counterparts.

As for the remaining three, it was a little tough. Michelob Ultra was the easiest to pick out, as it was the lightest in color, and had the least flavor. The real task here was determining Bud Light against Coors Light — both have little flavor, and an artificial sweetness on the finish. I had to go by aroma here; Bud Light has just a touch of orange peel to it, and that’s what made me pick the way I did.

Alright, so I know you’re just dying to know: out of a blind tasting, which one of these was my favorite? Out of these five Adjunct Lagers, I’d have to go with Miller Lite.

And that concludes this little experiment. Back to honest craft brews tomorrow! I’ll even tell you what I’ll be reviewing: Southern Tier Creme Brûlée Imperial Stout!

Parting shot: What to do after you’ve had five beers that are well below average? Mix them all together, of course!



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