Beer Review 0246: Sixpoint The Crisp Pilsner

Sixpoint Brewery, located in Brooklyn, New York, was founded in 2004, but they say the company was actually born at the dawn of civilization, when grains were first being harvested to make fermented beverages. See, Sixpoint believes that beer is culture, and how right they are — whether they be talking about human beings or yeast strains.

Sixpoint began in an 800 square foot garage at the hands of college classmates Shane Welch and Andrew Bronstein. Andrew, native to Brooklyn, provided the cash needed to start up the brewery, while Shane, an avid homebrewer, came up with the recipes. The Sixpoint logo is a combination of the brewer’s hexagram and the nautical star.

Relatively new to distribution, Sixpoint once only kegged beer and filled growlers — they started canning (all their beers come in cans) in June 2011. The Crisp, a German Pilsner, is a year-round Sixpoint offering, and is brewed with Noble hops. Originally, this beer was called Sehr Crisp, ‘sehr’ being German for ‘very.’ This beer is 5.4% ABV (alcohol by volume) and ranks 42 IBUs (International Bitterness Units).

The Crisp pours with a large and frothy bright white head, lasting atop a vividly straw yellow beer. The beer is clear in body with no particles or sediment, and the lacing left behind on my glass as I drank was excellent, leaving plenty of clingy sheets.

The aroma is very nice and crisp, indeed! The hops are up front with some grassy notes, along with a bit of citrus — lemon and orange, specifically, which when coupled with the grass create a lemongrass whiff. The malts are there in equal amount, with plenty of grain, fresh cut hay, and bready/cracker-like salty scents. This beer seemed very earthy smelling to me, and I thought this was spot on for the style; refreshing and a winner!

On the sip, my palate got immediate citrus and grain, which was clean and sharp, with an average carbonation but still zippy on the tongue. There was a nice lemon and orange flavor collision, leading to a malty middle full of grains and bread. Then a light bitterness took over, leading to a lemongrass finish that completely cleanses and refreshes the palate, making it ready for another taste. The mouthfeel was thin but creamy.

The Crisp is an impressive beer from Sixpoint, not only in style, but just as a beer, period. I couldn’t think of a more perfectly named beverage, because this is crispy and clean, but yet full-flavored and perfect for the Pilsner style. To say I was shocked at what I scored this beer would be an understatement, but it earned every single point — folks, this is a great everyday beer, or a session beer to drink several of, and I would love to have a fridge full of these tall boys!

Sixpoint The Crisp Pilsner, 96 points. Price: $2.95 for one sixteen ounce can.


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