Beer Review 0184: Uinta Sum’r Ale

Ahh, the Summer Ale — typically a forgettable beer, light in nature, and not full of much flavor.

The Uinta Brewing Company produces beer out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been doing so since late 1993. Named after an east-west mountain range in Utah, the brewery operates in a 100% wind-powered facility, becoming the first Utah company to achieve this environmentally friendly goal.

Uinta split their beers into three different lines — a Classic Line, an Organic Line, and a Crooked Line, which is reserved for big ABV (alcohol by volume) beers in big bottles. The beer up for review today, Sum’r, belongs in the Organic Line, and is available as a seasonal offering each May-July.

Using Sorachi hops from Japan, Sum’r is intended to be citrusy, fresh, and clean, perfect for the hot months.

This beer poured a small, frothy head that quickly diminished, leaving behind a drink that was yellow, approaching golden in color. The liquid was brilliantly clear, free of particles and sediment, and the body was sparkling with tons of carbonation bubbles zooming to the surface. Surprisingly, Sum’r left behind excellent lacing, sticking to the glass in a thick sheet.

On the nose, this presents itself as well balanced but very light, which is typical of a Summer Ale. There’s a nice herbal and lemon/lemongrass note up front from the hops, paired with grainy malt and an earthy yeast. The scent was refreshing to my nose and it is nice for this beer style.

As I took a sip, the first thing I noticed was how heavily carbonated this was — it stung my throat; I didn’t expect it to be this carbonated. It delivers quite a bite. There were light flavors all around; up front, I got lemon and orange, some grain in the middle, and then the finish was brief and clean, hitting just a touch of bitterness and leaving behind a grassy note.

Unfortunately, this beer is another forgettable summer offering, like so many of them are. I thought it was over-carbonated and just lacked redeemable flavor. This is definitely a light beer for summer, and it is refreshing, but there are better brews out there to be had. Sorry, Uinta…water is cheaper.

Uinta Sum’r Ale, 77 points. Price: $1.99 US for one twelve ounce bottle.


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