Beer Review 0126: Allagash White

Allagash Brewing Company, located in Portland, Maine, has been brewing beer since 1995. Rob Tod, founder, noticed that Belgian flavors and traditions were missing from American-made craft beer, so he aimed to set those pastimes back in the right.

He brewed the beer up for sample today, Allagash White, in a small 15 barrel brewhouse. The beer went on to become a best seller, and is the flagship brand of Allagash today.

Allagash White is brewed in the Belgian wheat beer style, spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel. It is a year-round serving, and there are directions on how to pour this into a glass on the side of the bottle. Pour, swirl, and then pour the yeast, as is custom with most wheat beers.

Pouring as instructed delivered a beer with an average size head, quickly diminishing, and foamy (sudsy) in texture. The beer was a very cloudy yellow, with a light sediment present throughout. The lacing left behind was of nice quality, mirroring the sudsy effect going on in the fast vanishing head.

The nose featured a very balanced mix between orange peel and coriander, with an overall earthy and musty backbone. There were some other flavors in there, like hints of miscellaneous herbs and spices, along with some faint grain/wheat notes. The aroma was fairly subdued and made me wonder if perhaps I didn’t have a beer that might be out of date. (No date on the bottle.)

The taste unveiled a very light bodied beer with orange and coriander up front, with a faint suggestion of bubble gum in the middle of the taste. The finish turned completely wheat, which was very nice, and a note of faded orange peel took things home as this refreshed the palate.

I’m not sure about the whole “Belgian style” thing, and I suspect this beer might be a little past it’s prime. I’ll have to put this on the short list for Redux Reviews, and see if I can’t find a bottle I know is fresh. This is a decent beer, very refreshing, but I’ve had better wheat beer in the “Belgian style.”

Allagash White, 83 points. Price: $2.99 US for one twelve ounce bottle.


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