Beer Review 0112: Foothills Hoppyum IPA

Here’s another beer that is local to me, made just ten miles to my south at Winston-Salem, NC’s Foothills Brewery. This is their session IPA, Hoppyum, and it is brewed with an emphasis on Simcoe hops.

Foothills produces one world renowned beer called Sexual Chocolate, which is a Russian Imperial Stout. There will be a review of that beer sometime in the coming months as I was able to score a bottle of the 2012 version. A couple weeks ago, I reviewed their People’s Porter, which I gave 86 points. Foothills has recently started bottling their beers; most of their stuff comes in 22 ounce bomber size bottles, but plans are in the works to produce six-packs.

I have to say that the presentation on this one is very appealing. I love the Hoppyum logo, how it features the hop cones, and the colors, so I hope this one is a treat.

Hoppyum pours a bright golden color, with a very small head that quickly diminishes. The beer was extremely clear, with no particles or sediment, and the lacing was sparse with only a few thin wisps left clinging to the glass.

The aromatics showed a nicely hopped beer, with a citrus kick that explored orange and hinted at tropical fruits. The overall quality of the hop profile was perfume-like, and there was a malty sweetness to balance things out, but still maintain that hop kick. I sniffed a note of caramel, a touch of bread, and a smidgen of peach. Judging by aroma alone, this might be an IPA that’s on the sweeter side.

A grass flavor started things off, followed by a lot of floral-type flavors. The bright citrus found in the aroma was nowhere to be found, which was a large disappointment. This beer was sweet in the middle but the 78 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) came out on the finish, turning decidedly bitter and drying the mouth. The finish was soapy, despite the creamy mouthfeel while swirling the taste. I also noted the carbonation to be soft.

Oh, Hoppyum, how I wanted to believe in you. I was disappointed — you might notice that the description of the flavors is more about the mouthfeel or vague tastes (bitter, or sweet) than any specific flavor. That’s because there are no big or bold notes of deliciousness here. Foothills has produced an average beer here; I wouldn’t turn it down, but if given other options, I wouldn’t pick it, either.

Foothills Hoppyum IPA, 76 points. Price: $4.19 US for one 22 oz bomber bottle.


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