Beer Review 0107: Lagunitas Censored

Lagunitas (prounounced LAH-GOO-KNEE-TUSS) Brewing Company is located in Petaluma, California, after being founded in 1993 in, where else, Lagunitas. This is currently one of the fastest growing breweries in the United States, and they are expanding operations at a quick pace.

Censored Rich Copper Ale is an Amber Ale. What are they censoring? Well, the word “Kronik” is underneath the censored banner. I don’t know much about this beer and information on the brewery website is limited; they only really say this is a malty and sweet beer enjoyed by hop heads but especially loved by those who aren’t.

I like the fact that Lagunitas puts the key stats on the bottle of every beer they make. This one is 6.75% ABV (alcohol by volume) and has a scant 25 International Bitterness Units.

The pour produced an amber beer with orange highlights, topped by a large head that diminished faster than expected and was very frothy. There were a heavy amount of particles floating in the beer, which settled to the bottom of the glass a few minutes after the pour. Otherwise, the beer was clear after the chill haze subsided. The lacing on this one was extremely nice.

On the aromatics, Censored was complex and highly malted, introducing some caramel and grain notes along with some toasted scents. Dig a bit deeper and a bread-like aroma comes out, along with a slight herbal hop presence. There’s a bit of darker fruit, maybe a raisin, and just a hint of orange peel. The scent seemed rich and creamy, and quite sweet. I enjoyed the aromas and gave a perfect score on my point sheet.

I wish I could say the flavors were as complex, but they aren’t. There’s a rich caramel to start out, some rough graininess, and not much else. The finish comes in slightly bittersweet and toasted, with a very faint orange peel as it concludes. This beer is extremely light and has a slick mouthfeel, and is not creamy like suspected. That being said, what’s here does taste good, and is refreshing…

The finish lasts for a long time, which caught me off guard considering the lack of flavor. This is a great beer, and my rating reflects that, but I just don’t see myself going back to this one. Lagunitas produces some heavy stuff that will twist your tongue out of your mouth, and I think this would be an excellent starter beer for the novice drinker — tasty yet light, with flavors that don’t bonk you in the head with a brick.

And for the Amber Ale style, this one is right on.

Lagunitas Censored, 89 points. Price: $1.99 US for one twelve ounce bottle.


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