Beer Review 0103: Foothills People’s Porter

This is a hometown brew for me, produced just ten miles to my south in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by the Foothills Brewery.

Foothills was established in 2004 by brewmaster Jamie Bartholomaus. They’ve recently made national headlines with the release of their rare beer, Sexual Chocolate, which is a Russian Imperial Stout. (See this story from Headline News)

The brewery has a restaurant attached, and they pay as much attention to the food as they do the beer. Today I’m looking at People’s Porter, which is an English-style Porter, and is one of their latest beers to be bottled. Foothills is expanding and has recently began bottling more of their beers; six-packs are expected in the next few months.

People’s Porter is a year-round selection that boasts chocolate flavor with a supporting cast of caramel, toffee, and a finish of espresso. According to Foothills’ website, the ABV (alcohol by volume) on this one is 5.8%, but the bottle says 6.25%. So… you pick which one to believe, but I’d be inclined to go with the bottle.

Pouring into a glass made a large and lasting head, creamy in texture and pillowy as it diminished. The beer was a very dark opaque brown, with hints of ruby on the edges. The body was murky but appeared to be free of particles and sediment. Lacing here was most excellent.

The aromas coming from this beverage were highly malted, dominated by coffee and hints of chocolate. There was an underlying layer of caramel and a general roasted note, along with a light hop presence that grabbed the nose but never made itself fully specific. People’s Porter was a creamy smelling brew, bordering on sweet.

On the palate, this one starts off surprisingly hoppy, suggesting citrus but never fully presenting itself. It then treaded into the malts with a perfume-like transition, touching caramel, chocolate and finishing on a massive coffee note, which turns from roasted to bitter to burnt as the long conclusion unfolds.

People’s Porter has an excellent finish, but I thought the mouthfeel was a bit fizzy and detracted from the overall picture. The initial taste is also too hoppy for my liking, but this is still a good beer, worth getting for the dark coffee finish alone.

Pretty sweet that a beverage of this quality is made so close to home.

Foothills People’s Porter, 86 points. Price: $4.19 US for one 22 oz. bomber size bottle.


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2 responses to “Beer Review 0103: Foothills People’s Porter”

  1. onwisconsin21 says :

    Just rated this a 87 from your review sheet. Started to pick up some dark fruits as it warmed.

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