A Brief Hiatus

After posting my 100th review (Bell’s Hopslam) on Tuesday, I will be taking a few days off of beer reviews. I plan to drink a few beers for enjoyment only, likely some of the favorites I have found through writing the first 100 reviews.

I’ll be back on Thursday, February 16 with a brand spankin’ new review, and we’ll work our way to review #200.

Until then, I’ll leave you with five of my favorite reviews from the first hundred, with a little story about each:

1. Dogfish Head Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, rated 99 points on 12/4/11. This is, hands down, my favorite review I have done to date. This is a sentimental beer for me, because not only do I like Miles Davis, but I named my best feline friend after him. Dogfish made a hell of a beer for the Bitches Brew album anniversary, and while this one is hard to find, you better grab it if you see it. It’s that good.

Miles Davis, the cat, with Bitches Brew

2. Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, rated 93 points on 9/21/11. I had actually purchased a bottle of this beer and was set to do a review on it when I found it being served in a local cinema — how often can you say that? Yes, we have an amazing cinema here in Winston-Salem that serves craft beer. I decided to try this beer and was so impressed that I reviewed the bottle I had in my refrigerator the very next day. I loved that this was so sessionable, being a porter.

3. Sierra Nevada Celebration, rated 81 points on 12/30/10. I did a redux review on this beer on 11/26/11 and rated it 88 points. I used this beer to begin doing redux reviews, where I would go back and review a beer I had already reviewed. Celebration was a beer I didn’t love at first but upon second discovery, this turned into an awesome drink. So good that I ended up with a case of the stuff this year.

4. Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale, rated 92 points on 12/25/11. This is a winter seasonal from Highland, which is a local beer for me. The recipe varies from year to year, and this one is hard to find, even right here only a couple hours away from the brewery. I’ve never had a beer that tasted like cream soda — and I would have never thought that would be good, but it was. I went through a case of this stuff, too…

5. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, rated 89 points on 2/6/11. Yeah, I rated Hopslam a perfect 100 points almost exactly a year later, but to me, this year-round offering from Bell’s is nothing to sneeze at. Now that I’ve reviewed Hopslam, and putting Two Hearted Ale in perspective, this is kind of like the affordable, everyday Hopslam. I know some people think different, but I love the fish on the bottle.

See you next week! Cheers!


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