Blind Review 0005: Another Review in Which I Incorrectly Guess The Style of Beer

Yes, it’s time for another blind beer review! For these reviews, I have no idea what the beer is — I literally know nothing about it. I don’t buy it, put it in the refrigerator, or pour it in the glass; I just taste it, rate it, and try to guess its style.

This beer was served to me with a very small, almost sparse head that very quickly faded into just a thin cover. The beer was a very dark brown, and when held to the light had lighter brown caramel colored edges. While the beer is opaque, I could tell by those lighter edges that this brew had no particles or sediment present. The lacing was fair with a few pieces scattered down the glass.

The aromatics featured a classic malt lineup — coffee, caramel and chocolate, all roasted. There was a small herbal note, but other than that, nothing else going on. All the scents were subdued, but what was there was nice. There may have been just a hint of some dark fruit, but my nose might have been playing games with me…

On the sip, there is a very pleasant note of coffee and chocolate, which turns watery and more caramel in the middle, before leading to a finish that is smokey and burnt, almost like burnt toast. I thought the intensity of the finish was a little overwhelming on the burnt note, which took away from the nice coffee and chocolate flavors found at first taste.

Overall, this beer wasn’t bad, and I found it to be shockingly light for its color. Again, good flavors, very drinkable, but the finish is too much of a star in a detracting way.

My style guess: I’m thinking this is pretty low ABV (alcohol by volume) and with it being as dark as it is, I have to say Porter.

So what beer is this?

Uinta Baba Black Lager, a Euro Dark Lager, 83 points. Price: $1.59 US for one twelve ounce bottle. Alcohol by volume: 4%.

Final thought: After five of these blind reviews, I’ve yet to correctly pick a style. Stick to your day job, eh…


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