Beer Review 0077: Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA

Rocky Mountain IPA comes to us from the Fort Collins Brewery, located in, you guessed it, Fort Collins, Colorado. Honestly, I couldn’t find much information about this brewery on the web, other than you can take tours of the facility and visit the tasting room for some samples of their entire beer lineup.

Fort Collins beers are distributed in sixteen states, so this one might be hard to find for some. The Rocky Mountain IPA is dry hopped to provide an intense floral aroma. This beer comes in at 80 on the International Bitterness Unit scale, and the ABV (alcohol by volume) is 6.2%.

The bottle is very nice looking, featuring a black elephant. And if you go to their website, the page for Rocky Mountain IPA is complete with 1999 elephant sound effects, so turn your speakers down unless you dig that sort of surprise.

The pour gave way to an average size head with a rocky texture that turned creamy as the heady slowly diminished. The color of this IPA was amber-orange, more orange than amber, and the body had a haze to it but no particles or sediment. This is a very summertime looking brew, and the lacing left behind is fantastic. Good looking beer. Hope the flavors are there to match the excellent appearance!

The aromas are that of your typical IPA; this one is floral first with some juicy fruit notes, then properly malted with a nice caramel undertone and some grain. When mixed, the two produce an almost perfume-like scent. This one is maybe a little fruitier than expected, and that’s not a bad thing.

This brew is hop forward on the palate, greeting the drinker with a grapefruit flavor, which transitions during the swallow to a sharp bitterness but quickly releases its grip into a malty caramel finish. The finish is quite long, and rides the caramel note with a slight increase in bitterness, eventually leading to a tea-like aftertaste and a nice alcohol kick at the very end of the drink that warms the chest.

If you’re looking for something that is going to blow your tongue out of your mouth with hops, this is not your beer. However, Rocky Mountain IPA is a very nice beer, balanced well, and is a great India Pale Ale that you can have a few of in one evening and not get tired of it. I would return to this beer and recommend you try it.

Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA, 90 points. Price: $1.79 US for one twelve ounce bottle.


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