About my beer review sheet

drinkipa replied to your post: Beer Review 0069: Brewdog Old World India Pale Ale

where do you get your tasting sheets? i can’t read the website at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

I get this question a lot. The review sheets that I use were created by myself. The website listed on the sheet is just the address to this site, allthesamesong.com

I created the sheet when I first started doing these reviews because I couldn’t find one (after much searching) that I liked. I must have looked at twenty or more sheets similar to this one, so I decided to take all the good ideas from the ones I had seen and just make my own.

Since starting this site, I’ve only edited the sheet once; when I was reviewing some pumpkin beers earlier this year, I found that I had not added pumpkin to the miscellaneous aroma section.

Anyone that would like to use the sheet can feel free to do so. I can arrange to send the sheet in any format you’d like it (.doc, .pdf, whatever).

And I’m making this reply public because apparently I can’t reply to your reply. Or I don’t know how. This is the only thing I don’t like about tumblr, the fact that replying to people seems to be so difficult. So until somebody tells me different, or I learn something different, I have an ask page that isn’t linked to on this site (guess I should remedy that). That seems to be an easier way to contact/reply to folks.


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